Polished Concrete Slip Resistance

Polished Concrete, Anti-slip and Anti-Graffiti Surfaces

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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating at Transit Wireless HQ

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Big Aggregate Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete at Avon HQ

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Polished Concrete at Comcast

Concrete Infill and Polish at Comcast

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High polish flattened floor

Polished Concrete at Horizon Media

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Custom Epoxy Flooring

Custom Epoxy System at Facebook

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Dyed Polish Concrete

Dyed Polish Concrete at Ogilvy

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Modern Fleet of HTC Duratiq Grinders

Modern Fleet of Grinders

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Self Level at Retail

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Challenge us with your Surface Problems and we’ll give you Surface Solutions

Surface Solutions Construction is New York and Northern New Jersey’s largest specialty flooring contractor.  Specializing in polished concrete, epoxy flooring, self level, polishable overlays and slip resistances; we are a one-stop source for your surface needs.  With the areas largest fleet of modern HTC grinders, shot blasters, continuous pumps and more, more job is too large.  We work closely with General Contractors, Architects and Building Owners throughout the design and build process to help build some of NYC’s most prestigious office and retail spaces. With a very hands on management team, we put pride and passion into every single one of our projects.

You come to us with surface problems, we’ll give you Surface Solutions.

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Polished Concrete

Polished and decorative concrete is the fastest growing design trend in construction.  Whether we are polishing existing concrete or pouring polishable concrete toppings; Surface Solutions Construction utilizes the most advanced tooling and technology to build floors.  Household names such as Facebook, Avon, Nordstrom, CBS, NHL and more have utilized our expertise to not just install but work through the design process to build a floor that will stand the test of time.  Our team of experts have helped build proprietary technology, known as The Embedded Etch to help further enhance slip resistance on polished concrete surfaces.

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Floor Coatings

As the areas largest installer of General Polymers systems, Surface Solutions Construction is able to offer very competitive pricing while maintaining larger warranties backed by the world’s largest coatings manufacturer.  Our team will work with you on specification to make sure that your resinous flooring system not only meets and exceeds all specifications but will be installed to the highest standards.

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Slip Resistance

Whether installing a new floor or rejuvenating an existing one, our unique processes and chemicals will increase the slip-resistance of your office, restaurant or facility.

Working closely with our sister chemical company, we utilize the nations leading brand of acid etch for tile and have also developed proprietary systems to enhance polished concrete Dynamic Coefficient of Friction.

Our Embedded Etch process has been specified into national grocery store chains, health clubs and spas.  With over 12,000,000 sq. ft. of tile treated with InvisaTread™ we know what it takes to make surfaces safer to walk on while wet.  Our installs are audited according to ANSI 137.1 standards and built with care and maintenance programs to maintain the highest levels of post install friction.

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Stain Protection

Facilities are plagued with how to care for surfaces and maintain finishes.  Working closely with our sister chemical company and 40 year old technology from Europe; we introduce our Stonewalled™ technology.  As the nations strongest and longest warrantied sealer, our proprietary nano-technology can protect porous, mineral-based surfaces from a majority of water and oil based contaminants such as: gum stains, bird droppings, uric acid and a broad spectrum of other substances.  Designed to help keep contaminants higher in the surface, stains are more easily removed with less pressure and reduced / weaker chemical systems.

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Our revolutionary techniques and Stonewalled™ solutions are well ahead of the field in the anti-graffiti market. We do more than simply remove the undesired markings from your surface or building – we protect your surfaces from future graffiti tags. We have both permanent and semi-permanent systems so we can tailor the solution to your particular surface.

Our systems are designed to require only hot water or mild detergents to remove thereby helping to preserve and not damage property during restoration.

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